Yakima FlipSide Recall Information Form

You can identify if your FlipSide is part of the recall by examining the pull-pin. If you have a red pin, then you have the original design, which is part of the recall so please take a few minutes to share some information about yourself.

By providing this information, you’ll allow us to provide you with the product replacement option that best fits your needs, as quickly as possible. We want to get you and your bikes back on the road as soon as possible!

Note: If your FlipSide has a black or grey pull-pin, then you have the current FlipSide, which is not part of the recall.

Not Recalled
The FlipSide products to be recalled have a red pullpin The FlipSide products not being recalled have a black pullpin

Yakima has produced an upgrade kit for the FlipSide. It involves removing the retention pin from the mast and installing an upgraded unit. This process involves one bolt, requires the use of a open ended 19mm wrench or a crescent wrench, and should take about 10 minutes. If you do not have a suitable wrench, you can request that we send one to you.

Once you have completed the recall registration Yakima will send you by mail the following;

  1. Complete instructions for removal of the pull pin assembly
  2. Prepaid return envelope

The envelope and instructions should arrive within 5 -7 business days of submitting your recall request.

Upon receipt of your old part, the upgraded part will be sent.

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